La Cygne Lake & Wildlife Area

La Cygne Lake
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La Cygne Lake was created to cool the coal-fired electricity-generating plant at the east end of the dam.

Bald eagles and waterfowl are attracted to the lake during migrations and through the winter. Look for a variety of ducks as well as double-crested cormorants, eared and horned grebes, and common mergansers. Great blue herons, green-backed herons, and belted kingfishers are attracted to the water's edge.

Park Entrance SignLinn County Park is on the western shore of the lake. Oak-hickory woodlands attract warblers, vireos, tanagers, and flycatchers during the spring migration. In the evenings listen for barred owls, eastern screech-owls, whip-poor-wills, and chuck-will's-widows. In the woods, be prepared for the startling eruption of the American woodcock and its telltale zigzag flight through the trees.  There is a resident flock of Canada geese in the campground near the lake shore. 
Whitetail deer are commonly seen in the park.

On the north and northeast side of the lake is La Cygne Wildlife Area. The entrance road is bordered by thick underbrush, ideal for a variety of winter sparrows and cottontail rabbits. Beaver gnawings are visible on the trees. Other habitats worth exploring are the wet meadows and woods below the dam along North Sugar Creek. Look for woodpeckers, warblers, owls, and other woodland animals.


The county park has boat ramps, a swimming pool, camp store, modern restrooms & showers.

Camping icon Primitive camping, numerous utility campsites.

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Trail icon No developed trails.

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Map of La Cygne Lake

Directions: La Cygne Lake lies 5 miles east of the town of La Cygne. To reach Linn County Park from U.S. 69, take the La Cygne Exit east 0.3 miles to Valley Road and follow the sign north 2 miles to the park entrance. The wildlife area is located 7.2 miles from U.S. 69. It is reached by traveling east across the dam and then north at the first intersection past the generating plant (Young Road).

The wildlife area has two access points: 1 mile west of Young on 2400 Road and at the upper end of the lake on 399th Street.

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Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism manages the wildlife area (620) 431-0380
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Linn County Park (913) 757-6633

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