Oregon Trail Nature Park

Oregon Trail Nature Park
Oregon Trail Nature Park - All photos by Jim Mason

History and biology both!  The Oregon Trail Nature Park is located on the north edge of the Kaw River valley at a spot that saw the passage of immigrants going west over 150 years ago.  In fact, you drive on the exact route of the trail in order to get to the park!

This park was developed with the help of the Western Resources Green Team.   It is actually part of the grounds associated with the Jeffrey Energy Center.   If you take the Sea of Grass trail up to the top of the ridge, you will have a spectacular 360 degree panorama which includes the power plant and its principal cooling lake to the north.  To the south, stretching from one horizon to the other, is the Kaw River valley, which marks the southerly edge of the great Pleistocene glaciers.   This is a great spot to scan for red-tailed hawks, northern harriers and turkey vultures.  The tallgrass prairie along this trail has an abundance of wildflowers.   Look for rose verbena, New Jersey tea and green milkweed in May and Purple Coneflower in summer.

From March through November look in the grasslands for upland sandpipers, eastern meadowlarks, dickcissels, mourning doves, and grasshopper sparrows.  Booming grounds of greater prairie chickens are nearby.  Quail, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, raccoons, and coyotes are common.  On rare occasions a bobcat is seen.  The rocky outcrops on the hill slopes are good places to look for basking eastern collared lizards.

The trees by either of the two small ponds may have a kingfisher.  Listen for the distinctive calls of great crested flycatchers and eastern wood pewees.

On site is an old silo which was painted with a three-part mural by local artist Cynthia Martin.  One panel recalls the time of the Oregon Trail.  The second illustrates a bison hunt of the Plains Indians.  The third depicts Kansas wildlife.

Local wildlife mural Native Americans mural Oregon Trail mural


bulletRestroom, Picnic tables, Shelter house, Water available.

Camping icon Camping not allowed.
Trail icon Three short loop trails.

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Oregon Trail Nature Park map

Location in KansasDirections: The Oregon Trail Nature Park is located ~30 miles northwest of Topeka between Belvue and St. Marys, just off U.S. 24.

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Hours: May 1 - September 30: 7 AM to 9 PM
           October 1 - April 30: 8 AM to 6 PM

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